Three Benefits Of A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

19 October 2022
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People visit massage therapists for all sorts of help. While you can turn to this healthcare professional if you have a muscle ache or simply need to relax, you can also seek their care for specific health issues. If you have swollen lymph nodes in a certain part of your body, a massage can help. While you should always seek the advice of your family doctor for lymph node-related issues, there's a good chance that they might recommend you seeing a massage therapist who specializes in a gentle technique known as lymphatic drainage. Here are three benefits of this type of massage.

Discomfort Relief

Having swollen lymph nodes can be an uncomfortable feeling, depending on the amount of swelling that is present. You might feel a sense of pressure in the area that affects your overall comfort during the day. For example, if you have swollen lymph nodes in your armpit area, you might find that it's uncomfortable to hold your arm at your side. When your massage therapist carefully works on this area to promote drainage from the lymph nodes, you should expect to notice a relief in your discomfort.

Improved Range Of Motion

In some cases, swollen lymph nodes can impact the range of motion of the surrounding area. You have a lumber of lymph nodes in your neck. When this area is swollen, it might be difficult to move your neck as much as you'd like because you encounter resistance with certain movements. Limited mobility is an issue that can affect everyday activities. Lymphatic drainage can bring down the swelling of the affected areas, resulting in an improved range of motion for you.

Stronger Immune System

The body's lymphatic system plays an important role in many different areas of your health, including the management of your immune system. This is why swollen lymph nodes are often present when you're battling a cold or other illness. Lymphatic drainage massages can bolster your lymphatic system with the goal of helping your body's immune system. If you visit a massage therapist for this treatment when you have a cold, you could find that you recover from the cold faster than you might otherwise. In this scenario, it's polite to inform your massage therapist in advance that you have a cold, as they may want to wear a mask before welcoming you into their treatment room. Look online for a local massage therapist who specializes in lymphatic drainage massage. 

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