Understanding Different Types Of Asian Massages

6 October 2017
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Getting a massage is something many people enjoy-- a massage is very relaxing and can help remove knots and tension in a person's muscles. There are so many types of massage, and Asian massages are particularly popular. Massage has played an important role in Asian countries for many generations, and the people trained in Asian massage have learned methods and techniques passed down over thousands of years. Some of the types of massage services you will find at an Asian massage studio include:

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin shin jyutsu is a gentle form of massage that focuses on the energy pathways in your body. During a jin shin jyutsu massage, the massage therapist will apply light pressure to two or more spots at the same time with their hands or fingers; the areas of the body that are massaged during jin shin jyutsu are carefully selected to help improve the energy flow in a person's body.

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi nei tsang is an ancient form of massage that originated in China. The goal of chi nei tsang massage is to train your internal organs to work together and operate more efficiently. If you visit a massage studio for a chi nei tsang massage, the massage therapist will massage your abdomen with deep, yet soft and gentle, strokes. It is believed that this type of massage changes the flow of energy in a person's organs.


Shiatsu is one of the more well known forms of Asian massage. This type of massage comes from Japan and uses the concept of accupressure. A massage therapist who is trained in shiatsu will apply pressure along specific points on the meridian of the body. A shiatsu massage releases tension and can break up any knots in the muscles.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is quite different than what most people expect from a traditional massage. In most cases, Thai massage is performed on a mat on the ground. This type of massage combines stretches, yoga-like poses, guided breathing, and pressure along the body's energy lines. Practitioners of Thai massage believe that this form of massage eliminates chronic tension while opening up the body's energy passages.


Tuina is a type of Chinese massage that is typically used to help relieve pain and promote healing in the body. When you get a tuina massage, the massage therapist will use his or her hand and arms to perform smooth gliding and rolling movements over the body.