Some Things You Need To Know About Getting Your First Massage

24 January 2018
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Getting a massage is a great way to relax your body and enjoy some great benefits. There are many people who would love to get a massage, but don't know what to expect. Luckily, getting a massage at a center like Lansing Wellness Asian Body Works is very straightforward and has many benefits. Here are some things that you should know. 1. You Won't Be Asked To Do Anything You Are Uncomfortable With Read More 

Book These Add-Ons To Increase The Enjoyment Of Your Couples’ Massage

23 January 2018
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When you're staying at a high-end hotel or visiting a swanky spa with your spouse or partner for a romantic getaway, booking a couples' massage might be on your to-do list. This form of relaxing treatment, in which you and your significant other lie on tables next to each while a pair of massage therapists treat you, can be a pleasant way to not only get pampered but also enjoy some relaxing and quality time together. Read More