Massage Therapy Myths And Misinformation

24 December 2018
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Many individuals may not be very familiar with the experience of getting a massage. While this is a fairly routine procedure, it can be extremely misunderstood by those that would otherwise consider getting a professional massage.

Myth: Massage Therapy Is Only For Relaxation

It is often assumed that getting a professional massage is only done for relaxation purposes. While a professional massage can be an excellent way to relax after a long day, it can also provide a number of health benefits. For example, individuals that suffer from certain types of chronic pain, muscle stiffness, or other problems may find that regular massage treatments can help them with controlling these symptoms and problems. Discussing this option with your doctor will help you to determine whether massage therapy is a viable option for your particular condition.

Myth: A Massage Session Will Take Much Of The Day

Despite being aware of the important benefits of getting a massage, there are people that might fail to schedule a massage due to concerns about the amount of time that they will need to dedicate to the experience. Luckily, most massage professionals will be able to perform this treatment in under an hour. When you are scheduling your massage, you will be able to determine its length, which can make it easier to incorporate it into your busy schedule.

Myth: A Professional Massage Will Be Somewhat Painful

Due to the fact that individuals will often get low-quality massages from friends and family members, they may be under the impression that this will always be a very painful experience. However, trained masseuses are able to avoid causing intense discomfort to their clients. While it is normal to feel pressure when the massage is being administered, it should not be enough to cause pain. In fact, the experience of getting a professional massage should generally be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

Myth: Your Masseuse Will Always Be The Same Gender As You

Some individuals may go into a massage assuming that the person administering the massage will always be the same gender. However, this is not always the case as there are not professional or legal requirements for this, and professional masseuses will be trained in providing massages to both men and women. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of receiving a massage from a person of the opposite gender, you will need to let the massage provider know when scheduling your massage. This will allow them to ensure that you are assigned to an appropriate masseuse for your session.

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