Dos And Don'ts Of Removing Your Underwear For A Therapeutic Massage

20 March 2018
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One of the bigger questions that might be running through your mind as you book a massage, show up at the clinic, and find yourself standing in the treatment room after your massage therapist asks you to disrobe and get onto the table is whether you'll leave your underwear on or take it off.

You should know that there's no right answer — many massage clients favor both options, and no massage therapist is going to look differently at you should you remove your underwear. If you're trying to make up your mind how to proceed, here are some dos and don'ts to think about.

Do Remove Your Underwear If ...

... you're needing work done on your glutes, upper hamstrings, or lower back. If you've booked the massage, in part, for a therapeutic treatment of these areas, your underwear may get in the way. Your massage therapist isn't going to massage over the underwear, which means that he or she may ask you to roll them up or pull them down slightly to expose the target muscle. When rolled or pulled, the underwear may bother you, which could detract from your relaxation. In such a scenario, it's better to remove them in advance.

Don't Remove Your Underwear If ...

... you feel uncomfortable about being naked. While it's important to know that even with your underwear off, your body will always remain covered in sheets, some massage clients may not favor the idea of having their body exposed in this manner. Total relaxation is paramount during a therapeutic massage, and if you're busy thinking about feeling awkward because your underwear is off, you'll struggle with being able to relax deeply. For such individuals, keeping the underwear on for the entirety of the massage may be conducive to deeper relaxation, which will allow you to get more out of the treatment.

Don't Remove Your Underwear If ...

... it's been a while since you bathed. It's ideal to take a shower as close to your massage appointment as possible, but if you have a late-afternoon appointment and haven't showered since the morning, your private area may not smell as fresh as you'd like. While visiting the bathroom in advance of your treatment and perhaps using some sanitizing wipes may be a good idea, you don't want to offend your massage therapist by smelling pungent. If you feel that the smell is stifled by keeping your underwear on, this is the better choice.

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