Reasons To Attend An Open House At Your Local Massage Therapy Clinic

15 October 2017
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Whether you're a current client of your local massage therapy clinic or you've yet to make an appointment, you should take notice when you see that the clinic is advertising an open house. Many types of businesses offer open houses at regular intervals such as once per year, and those at massage therapy clinics can definitely be worthwhile to attend. Mark this occasion on your calendar and make plans to be there, perhaps with your spouse or a close friend. Here are some reasons that you'll want to be present for the local massage therapy clinic's open house.

You Can Try Different Treatments

One common feature at massage clinic open houses is different stations set up to showcase the wide range of therapies that the clinic's practitioners offer. If you're a current client, you might stick with one specific type of massage, but you could be curious about the others that you see advertised around the waiting room. This is the best opportunity to experience a wide range of treatments — often for free or sometimes for a nominal fee. Unlike a standard appointment, you won't have the sample treatment for an hour. Instead, you'll get to sample it in just a few minutes' time, which can allow you to try all of the therapies that interest you.

You May Win A Treatment

Massage therapy clinic open houses will often have one or more prize draws, and the prizes can be highly appealing. For example, a clinic may be giving away a couple one-hour sessions for a massage to a lucky winner. If you're someone who has never treated yourself to a massage — perhaps you don't have health coverage through work and your finances are tight — this could be a prime opportunity to experience the many healing benefits of this form of therapy. You could be so impressed that you make it a priority to budget for a massage once every month or two.

You'll Better Understand Why You Should Get Massages

If you're a current massage client, you don't need any convincing to continue this type of treatment. For others, however, the open house gives you a chance to speak to actual therapists to talk about your current health issues and understand whether massage may be right for them. While massage is often associated with pain relief and the promotion of relaxation, it can provide a wealth of other benefits that you may need in your life. You'd be unlikely to call a clinic to initiate this discussion, so some informal conversations at the open house can be highly valuable.

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