Book These Add-Ons To Increase The Enjoyment Of Your Couples' Massage

23 January 2018
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When you're staying at a high-end hotel or visiting a swanky spa with your spouse or partner for a romantic getaway, booking a couples' massage might be on your to-do list. This form of relaxing treatment, in which you and your significant other lie on tables next to each while a pair of massage therapists treat you, can be a pleasant way to not only get pampered but also enjoy some relaxing and quality time together. On its own, a couples' massage is an experience that you'll likely remember for a long time and may wish to make it a regular occurrence for your anniversary or for Valentine's Day. However, you may also wish to book some add-ons to further increase your enjoyment. Here are some to consider.

Champagne And Snacks

You'll often find that you can add a refreshments package to your couples' massage to augment the experience. The specifics of this add-on can vary between facilities, but it's common to get some champagne and finger foods that you can enjoy before your couples' massage, perhaps even in your room if you're staying at a hotel. Or, you might be able to order champagne and dessert to enjoy after the couples' treatment, either in the treatment room or waiting for you back in your room.

Sauna Visit

Being relaxed at the start of your massage will help you to get the most out of the experience, and while you'll ideally be relaxed during your luxury hotel or spa visit, a stint in the on-site sauna can relax you even further. Few things are as relaxing as a wet or dry sauna, and if it's wintertime and you tend to be a little chilly, the heat from this room will warm you comfortably in advance of your couples' massage. And, you'll ideally be so relaxed that the massage therapists' treatment for both of you will be even better.

Spa Services

You can often add a variety of desirable spa treatments to your couples' massage, either before it or afterward. Browse the list of available options with your significant other and find something that appeals to you both. Perhaps you both wish to get a facial treatment, or maybe the idea of having pedicures while you sit in soft bathrobes is appealing. Whatever you choose, it will augment the relaxing quality of your visit to the luxury hotel or spa and further complement your couples' massage.