What Should Patients Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

13 October 2021
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Lymphatic drainage massages are different from the types of massages that people usually think of when they hear the word. Unlike other massages that are based on muscle relaxation techniques, lymphatic massage concentrates on the surface of the skin and the lymph system right below it. Here are four things that potential clients should know about lymphatic drainage massage:

1. Lymphatic drainage massage can ease inflammation.

Inflammation is part of your body's natural defense system. When your body is injured or exposed to toxins, your immune system sends white blood cells to the site of the injury or toxin exposure. Inflammation is part of this immune response. As lymphatic fluid collects in certain parts of your body, you may notice swelling and pain that results from that swelling. Inflammation protects damaged parts of your body and allows them to heal. However, too much inflammation can actually prevent healing. Lymphatic massage can encourage lymphatic fluid to drain, which can reduce swelling in your body.

2. Lymphatic drainage massage can detoxify the body.

Toxins can accumulate in your body as you go through your everyday life. Your lymphatic system is an important part of your body's biological process for getting rid of toxins. Dead white blood cells and other unwanted substances are collected in your lymphatic fluid, which is then able to drain into your bloodstream, where they will eventually be processed and removed by your kidneys. Lymphatic massage can aid the drainage of lymph by improving the circulation in your lymphatic system. Gentle, rhythmic strokes to your skin will stimulate your lymphatic system and encourage it to release its toxins.

3. Good hydration can improve the effects of a lymphatic drainage massage.

The purpose of a lymphatic massage is to encourage your body to more efficiently do the things it does naturally. After your massage, you may feel a little tired, and you may notice a tingling sensation in your body. These things indicate that your lymphatic system is disposing of toxins. You can further improve your lymphatic circulation and improve the effects of your massage by making sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water will enable your body to dispose of toxins in your urine.

4. Lymphatic drainage massage can be combined with other types of massage therapy.

Some patients like to take advantage of lymphatic drainage massage and traditional massage therapy during the same session. If you're interested in combining these two treatments, you can schedule a longer massage. Many massage therapists are skilled in multiple types of massage and can incorporate them together during your session.