Deep Tissue Massage Could Speed Your Recovery From a Sports Injury

20 December 2021
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If you're recovering from a sports injury, you may find deep tissue massage aids in your healing. This type of massage can be done for a variety of conditions, but recovering from sports injuries is a common reason this therapeutic massage is done. Here's what to expect with deep tissue massage.

The Treatments Could Be Painful

Deep tissue massage targets knots in your muscles and fascia. These are usually deep in your tissues, so the massage therapist has to use a tool, knuckles, or an elbow to concentrate pressure in a single area. Plus, massage strokes are stronger and the hands move slower so your muscles and fascia are worked more powerfully.

The massage could be painful when pressure is applied to knots and sore areas. You might even experience bruising and still be sore the next day. However, the short-term discomfort pays off by helping your injury heal, and by providing relief from chronic pain. Still, you may want to ask your doctor if deep tissue massage is right for your condition and when it's a good time to start massage therapy as you recover from your injury.

Deep Tissue Massage Improves Circulation

One reason deep tissue massage is effective is that it improves circulation in your injured tissues. It does this due to the friction of massage and because knots and scars are broken up and that allows for improved circulation. Better blood flow helps with healing because blood carries nutrients, growth factors, and oxygen that's needed for tissue repair. Good circulation is also needed to remove toxins and other undesirables from your tissues so they can be eliminated from your body.

The Massage Might Improve Range of Motion

You need your full range of motion when you participate in sports. However, after you've had an injury, you may have adhesions that cause your tissues to stick together. This can give you pain when you move to the limits of your range. A deep tissue massage breaks up the scar tissue so it can be eliminated from your body. This allows full range of motion to return without pain.

Multiple Massages are Often Needed

You may receive pain-relieving benefits from a single deep tissue massage, but when you're recovering from a sports injury, you might need several massage sessions spread out over the course of your recovery to heal completely. You may even find that regular massages after you recover help you be your best in sports since you won't have to deal with adhesions and pain that keep you from your peak performance.

if you have any questions about a deep tissue massage, be sure to contact a professional for more information.